Tuesday, June 14, 2005

The Adventures of CB - Chapter 1.

It's not every day that one gets a mystery visitor (pronounced bhijitaar). Even if one happens to be female, and in a predominantly male college thousands of miles from civilization. Moreover, my friend CB is no ordinary female - an invisible cloud of disasters-waiting-to-happen surrounds her, and follows her everywhere she goes.

The last time she had dinner without spilling anything was before she started feeding herself. The last trip she took without forgetting anything was for her vaccination at six months. All her poor friends have juice-stained clothes and squished-between-doors fingers. Her mobile phone holds the world record for kind-stranger encounters. And the Reserve Bank has launched an investigation into why all that currency is disappearing from circulation.

Of course, she doesn't "really do these things, they just happen." Then again, they only happen to her.

Anyway, back to our story. The mystery visitor called on CB at 20:15 one friday evening. Based on eyewitness accounts, SN foyer security cameras, crime scene photos, fingerprints, bloodstains and other forensic evidence, we can now piece together details of the torture that followed.

Mystery Visitor (MV): (CB)
Security Didi: (CB), bhijitaar; (CB), bhijitaar; (CB), bhijitaar;

(long pause)

CB (breathless from her struggle with the door): hi
MV (breathless from his throat drying up in terror): hello

(long pause)

CB: so... umm... who are you?
MV: yeah, hi.

(pause as MV recollects his thoughts)

MV: i'm (MV). the other day i saw you at the other place, and this other guy who was with me mentioned that you were from (place1), and i'm from (place2), so i thought i would say hi.

(long pause)

MV (sweating): No No i don't go around collecting details on all the girls i see. Of course not.

(long pause)

MV: hey do you know (X)? she's in (CB's hometown).
CB: no
MV: what about (Y)?
CB: no
MV: you must know (Z), surely?
CB: nope, sorry

(long pause)

CB: so...
MV (thinking hard): hmm...

(long pause)

MV: so... what do you think of (Ancient Literary Work)? I think the storyline is great.
CB (a little freaked out, glances at exit): dunno... i'm not into that stuff.

(long pause)

CB: so...
MV (thinking hard): hmm...

(long pause)

CB: which hall are you in?
MV (relieved): (Hall)
CB: cool... so do you know (U)? he's in your hall.
MV: uh-uh
CB: okay... (V)?
MV: nope
CB: you must know (W)
MV (/relieved): (W)... hmm... i think so...
CB: he's in your batch!
MV (lying): (W), oh yeah, (W)... he's in my batch! of course i know him.
CB: hmm...

(long pause)

MV (fake grin): wanna go for dinner with me?
CB (eyes rolled up, mouth open, classic CB): huh?
MV (more fake, less grin): errr... are you hungry?
CB: no

(longest pause)

MV: so... when are you going home?
CB: (date). what about you?
MV: me too! how're you going?
CB: my dad's coming to pick me up. wanna come with us?

(medium pause, punctuated by MV's heartbeats)

MV: no... i might be going a couple of days later...

(very short pause)

MV (hurrying to the door): got to go now. nice meeting you.
CB (yelling after him): you too... hey my yahoo id is (YID)... cya online!

But MV's long gone.

The story continues in the next post.


Blogger shahzeb said...

huhaaps storyline aravind ....
im dyimg to know wat happens next :P

15 June, 2005 07:19  
Blogger Mann said...

let's see what happen next in this land far away from civ (where civ only lives in comp),

when next part is coming ?

15 June, 2005 10:52  
Blogger arvin said...

as soon as i can find the tempo to write it

15 June, 2005 11:57  
Blogger Shrutz said...

Funny as hell!!!
Better post the rest!

15 June, 2005 18:32  
Blogger Nukem said...

ill assume this happened to u irl

15 June, 2005 19:09  
Blogger varun said...

so the story teaches u one thing:::
manage to remember da other guy she remembers (common he's in ur batch)...
but it's true she knows u don't know..haha!!
and one thing more arvi. CLK wud be dying 4 another of those sweaty, confused, mindless encounters wid our mv... she will like him one day..and may be love him the other day..but might just dump him unless he still manages not knowing things she knows ...(at least pretend)...
hope to have a story that is not so very kgpish...something cool something DCHish...
and i pray for MV..................
coz every dog has his day and he has many to come...!!

16 June, 2005 09:59  
Blogger Himadri said...

az varun sed.. not kgpish!! neither da bundaa nor da bundiii... hehe.. dt makez it interestin!! lolz... continue da story.. if it continuez... lolz hehe!!

16 June, 2005 10:52  
Blogger arvin said...

Hey, this is not my story... it's CLK's story. All this stuff is happenning to her, i don't make it up.

If its too kgp-ish i can't help it... coz its happening in kgp.

and himadri, it most definitely continues... its happening now. so stay tuned.

(there will be a delay between things happening and being posted here... because many of the charcters in the story read this blog, and revealing certain things will destroy the opportunity to play some hilarious practical jokes on them...)

19 June, 2005 02:15  
Blogger tricycle said...

CLK!!why clk???why not something else??wat made u choose the name??by the way....will clk's secret identity be revealed??it's getting quite interesting....

25 June, 2005 00:30  
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