Tuesday, June 07, 2005

orkut discussion about the darfur situation

I stumbled across a discussion, in one of the orkut communities i'm in. It's about the genocide in darfur and how the united states isn't doing anything to stop it. it was followed up with a general round or US-bashing, and the mandatory condemnation of the US war in iraq (consistency is apparently not something bleeding-hearts value), oil, etc etc. here's a sample (forgive the guy's english):

A poor soul like me is still struggling to find one unhippocratic foreign policy that US is having!!!! May be there are one or two that I missed!!

Did US’ intervention brought down the misery in iraq? How many people died in war? Did sadam kill that many? Did he cause that much damage as the war did? What about the daily explosions occurring in Iraq even now? What could US do?

Well, why I call US policy Hippocratic on Iraq is because of the way they manipulated media and made the Americans (a large majority of them) believe that saddam was really posing a threat to the US security and we need to attack them when he really didn’t have any WMD with him (remember bush administration later came up with a sorry after the inevitable damage was done). And you would understand the folly of US if only you realize that it was US who created this Saddam.

here's what i posted.

if you look in a dictionary (you need one) you'll find that "purpose" and "justification" have entirely different meanings. if there is justification for an action, the purpose of the actor doesn't change that; conversely, no amount of justification can create a purpose if it doesn't exist.

for the us in iraq, there was a purpose and a justification; the purpose was control over oil, and the justification, that saddam was a tyrant.

in darfur, there is clearly justification; but the us has very little purpose in intervening. the cost is too great and it cannot be justified.

i dont know why you are calling for just the us to intervene there. the sudanese militia are lightly armed and travel on camels; an indian army division could clean them up too. but as an indian first, i dont want my country's soldiers to die there, and i dont want my money to be used that way. there is nothing to gain for india.

and lastly, it is interesting to note that you posted a link about arab militia abuses in sudan and followed it with a condemnation of the us. you condemn the united states, but you haven't said anything against the arab dominated genocide sponsoring government of sudan yet.

on the other hand, i think you would have been all bleeding-heart and supportive of sudan's tyrannical government... back in august '98 when the us bombed bin laden's ex-hideout there. in the absence of any other statement from all you bleeding-hearts, i shall assume that your emotional endorsement of the sudanese regime stands.

i'm sure that people who think with their guts and not their brains won't follow me on this - but you dont have any concern for the victims human rights abuses or anger at the perpetrators, just envy for the successful. face it, you hate america for being the most successful nation on earth, and there's nothing america can do, sort of self destruction, that'll change your mind. or gut.


Blogger SidSeth said...

A very thoughtful reply. What community was this on? Would love to see what the reply to your post was.

07 June, 2005 23:02  
Blogger arvin said...

it was this kerala community... expected to be finding girls there, not doing this... crap.

waise i dont think many people agree with me on my political thoughts! not relly sure what this blog is gonna be like...

15 June, 2005 00:13  
Blogger Shrutz said...

................Hippocratic, does it mean the US is practising medicine in Baghdad?
Girls in the Kerala commmunity! Bets of luck :P

15 June, 2005 18:40  
Blogger arvin said...

yeah i know... :(

maybe the heat is getting to me. doing a lot of orkutting lately.

18 June, 2005 14:11  
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