Thursday, November 24, 2005

The voices...

The cries have reached a cresendo. Every waking moment these voices would drive me crazy with their incessant repetition of that senseless phrase. And the nights... the sleepless nights i spent huddled up in a corner trying to shut out the haunting voices that kept chanting...

"You've been tagged"

The only way to shut up these wicked black magicians (fundoome, sonik, vagabond, psycho...), here is a half-attempt.

Seven things I want to do in my life:
  • Put on weight
  • Train in the army (or navy or air force)
  • Start a company
  • Get rich
  • Get richer
  • Create a new nation (no kidding)
  • Conquer the world
Seven things I can do:
  • Daydream
  • Code
  • Fix Computers
  • Give funda I don't have
  • Sleep days on end
  • Stay up (fewer) days on end
(And one thing i absolutely can't do is count.)

Seven things I say the most:
  • Hmm...
  • Billoos?
  • Sahara?
  • Actually.
Do I even say anything else?

Seven things I can't do:
  • Stop daydreaming
  • Stop giving funda i don't have
  • Keep regular hours
  • Any physical activity for > 2 mins
  • Lie. When I need to, I give impressions without lying literally.
  • Live offline
  • Get someplace on time
Seven things that attract me to the opposite sex:
  • Non-ugliness (:D)
  • Ability to keep up with the made-up funda i give
  • Being low-maintenence (See When Harry met Sally)
Who needs seven things anyway!

Seven celebrity crushes:
  • James King (female model. Ask me for pix)
  • Jeon Ji Hyun (from My Sassy Girl)
  • Alizee
  • The unnamed animated bandi on my desktop now
This is starting to be boring.

Seven people I tag:

Every blogger i know has been tagged already... Maybe i am the last guy ever to endure this harrowing experience!


Anonymous PrototypeAngel said...

call me an ignoramus, but what's with this 'tagging'. or seven deadly sins or whatever.

25 November, 2005 07:35  
Blogger >|' ; '| said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

25 November, 2005 18:41  
Blogger >|' ; '| said...

One thing that u used to say-
"athu sheriyalaa!!!"
:_) (like they say, ol memories die hard)

i am pretty sure that u will do 6 of the 7 things that u want to do.hell, u will conquer america in a hostile takeover probably. or maybe get an isiand in the carribean n declare urself as a sovereign 0.5vAttAn Republic.. O:-)
but one thing that u wouldn't probably do is- gain weight!!! (pande ninakkoru weightilla ;) )

but dude...people would kill to become slim like u and u wana go the other way round...some ppl...:)

25 November, 2005 18:44  
Blogger fundoome said...

one more thing you can't fast(see again my thoughts went back to food:D).....btw you call us - me, sonik, vagabond etc wicked .......why?????????

26 November, 2005 01:17  
Blogger Trespasser said...

hey cool blog arvin, am blogmarking

04 January, 2006 11:43  
Anonymous nishant said...

did u no ur celeb crush james king was an heroin addict be4 the age of 16 !!!

13 January, 2006 11:03  
Blogger sonik said...

hey u!! y call me wicked? i didn't tag neone.

23 January, 2006 09:15  
Anonymous Vaninder Singh said...

How bout another entry, this one's 2.5 months old now

05 February, 2006 10:16  

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