Saturday, September 24, 2005

Blogger Burnout

I will not make any excuses for disappearing. This blogger was, for no particular reason, burnt out. Burnout has been my permanent state of blogging activity since I started; I registered on blogger over two and a half years ago - before you could post pictures, before RSS and ATOM feeds, before, if i remember correctly, blogger profiles and multiple blogs per user. And still, only a handful of posts to show for it.

This week several of my friends started blogs in quick succession - check out the links on the right; it is no coincidence, of course, that they chose this week - i don't believe in coincidence unless some pesky know-it-all is trying to sell me his pet conspiracy theory and i want to get rid of him fast. There was something really very special about last week.

No, IIT did not declare attendence breaks for bloggers; neither was it an extended holiday due to incessant rains. And no, there was no rare and divine alignment of the moon, jupiter and bloggitarius. The moon, and other evil heavenly bodies, had instead conspired to be in that dreaded quarterly configuration; the one that turns otherwise mostly harmless professors into cunning bloodthirsty beasts;

Last week was mid-sems week.

When faced with such a brutal disruption of his (i'll write just this once, assume it from now on - or her) normal schedule, the average KGPian is left confused and disoriented. All of a sudden there is no more practice (whatever it is they used to practice), no more events, no more kshitij/sf/robotix/gsecs/captains/alankar/scholarsavenue meetings. No more life.

Is it a wonder then, that we are forced to turn to utterly unproductive activities, to survive this epidemic of boredom? Is it a wonder that our overworked proxy servers and the overworked webservers at trade abuses all day? (URL-encoded and disguised as HTTP Request/Response headers; Who doubts that "Keep-Alive: None" is not a veiled threat?)

Is it a wonder that dozens of new bloggers are brushing up their (often nonexistent) language skills in tiny little Kharagpur?

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Yes, i did know a couple of answers today. CB is well, though still losing things, and no i will not add a link to her blog.