Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Although there were many comments for my last post, none put forward any arguments as to why pacts are better for Gymkhana the fests and GC's. (The alternative to pacts being candis having to campaign for votes, even in other senior halls) Also absent was any mention of when, or whether, the culture of pacts is going to go away. Let me try and start a discussion on that.

secret ballot n. A type of voting in which each person's vote is kept secret, but the amassed votes of various groups are revealed publicly.

secret ballot n. something that would seal the fate of the pact culture.

Don't get me wrong, I know that people will continue to vote as they are told by their seniors. But without the ability to openly snoop on voters, halls can never enforce the pacts they make. "Observers" can never be sure what exactly the seniors are telling people outside the poll booth.

Of course, these seniors can keep "allied agents" around while they give voters their marching orders. Even so, there is no guarantee that voters weren't told something else behind the last corner, or maybe at lunch that day. In short, pacts become unenforceable. No sudden getting on the phone, telling your hall to stop voting for X hall's candi.

In this scenario, I expect that pact-makers will try multiple pacts - one "open" one putting the hall in one "alliance", and another one under-the-table, a high risk pact with the other side. Insurance, just in case. Who's ever gonna know. In the end nobody wll know who voted for whom - the way it is actually meant to be.

So tell me, who is against the secret ballot?


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