Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Inspired by sonik, who was inspired by psycho, who in turn was inspired by by the bourgeois buffoon, I've made myself a watermarked background template. I don't know if it looks better, but it definitely looks new. More importantly, it's original, and not just because i spent a few hours thoroughly modifying Blogger's Minimal theme.

The background picture was taken on our wing trip to Chandipur. That road is part of the golden quadrilateral highways, just outside Kharagpur. An awesome maze of flyovers in what would otherwise be the middle of nowhere - even J, our wing's resident artist, craftsman, all-round nature-freak and photographer for the trip, had to choose between the road and the sunrise to frame his pictures.

Until he got this one. Road plus sunrise. Wallpaper material. And, of course, blog-background material.

Too bad only a fraction of our trip were on such roads. We were soon jolted out of our fantasies of hitting 100 kmph on an overloaded sumo, by the dirt tracks that pass for highways in Orissa.


Blogger Psycho McCrazy said...

wow, these templates are spreading faster than a fire...

spiff (bourgeois buffoon) will be happy - he was the one who started it after all

15 March, 2006 08:01  
Blogger pinyana said...

change the color of links. good work and great photography by J.

15 March, 2006 08:49  
Anonymous protoype_angel said...

nice template. looks kinda bad on this screen though(cause it supports only 256 colors)

20 March, 2006 04:27  
Blogger Sudhir said...

very nice picture. awesome

26 March, 2006 22:28  

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