Thursday, April 13, 2006

A Tribute

It was an awkward moment - the techquiz meeting in Godbole's room during the closing weeks of OP, when he addressed me by my name as if we had known each other for years. Me, a timid second year who had stayed away from DFM throughout OP because he was too scared of Osama. This was how I got my first taste of the Tech GC. Seems like it had happened yesterday, not nearly two years ago.

Snapshots of last year's GC effort, from my memory - Shastry guiding us through brainstorming for product design, in the midst of the noise and clutter of Illu; the butterflies before the presentation; the disappointment of coming second by just four points; the meticulous planning for opensoft; the unflappable Sahni shrugging off a segfault to impress the judges for a gold; and my decision to stand for GSec Tech. It seems like yesterday - the funda collection, the sopboxes, the groundwork on proposals; the results, the worst GPL of my life, and the belief that this year would be the one in which RP's talent gets converted into the General Championship.

And here I am, one year later, the dream of bringing home the Tech GC fulfilled. But other than the fact of our victory, little else about this moment is like what I had expected. The feeling is more relief than triumph. Although I feel that this victory is sweet justice - for all the poor or biased judgements that had hurt RP - a stronger emotion is a desire to let bygones be bygones. But most of all, there is gratitude - for all my friends and hallmates who have made this moment possible. This post is for them.

For Shamik and Manav, of opposite shades of character but one purpose, the cause of the Tech GC;

For Panda, Pilania, Akhilesh, Padhy and Ahmed, whose unassuming ways hide many talents;

For Sahni and Niket, for their tempo and their leadership, and for Harish, Arpit, Kapil, Lokesh, Nishant and Sunny, for an incredible job done in O(1) time;

For Shanks, Himangshu, Bora, Hrishikesh, Swarnavo and Rushin, for there is no greater sacrifice than mugging for the hall;

For Rajeev, Vinay, Anupam and Mridul, for being so far above the crowd;

For Abhishek Ghosh for giving his best against insurmountable odds;

For Adi, Nikhil, Guha, Lunia and Abhineet, for the long hours of brainstorming and work;

For Karwa, for being my sounding board;

For Jyoti, for being there. All the time.

And for Seth.
For everything.


Blogger sarfarosh said...

congo man !!!! :)

13 April, 2006 07:16  
Blogger fundoome said...

words won't suffice for the hard work put into this.......will just say "Congrats" :)

13 April, 2006 07:57  
Blogger SidSeth said...

Congrats !
a very well written blog.. makes me very nostalgic too.. this is your achievement more than anyone elses.. revel in the happiness.. bask in the glory !!
Really proud of you all hamesha :)
Cheers !

13 April, 2006 20:46  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

And For Aravind


Nitin Basant

14 April, 2006 01:17  
Blogger himangshu said...

yo! biplab dutta. My heart goes out to see his fav team loose the gc

14 April, 2006 12:04  
Blogger Ravemz said...

Well done Ari,
for a well written blog n much more for a well deserver GC.

Be like this forever, a great person.


16 April, 2006 00:56  
Blogger fundoome said...

tagged u again:D.........check my new post for the same:)

16 April, 2006 23:55  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Mugging" for the hall?...grrr
Neways RP never leaves me. I've gone from B225, Rajendra Prasad hall to B222, Roberts Prather Hall... saale B wing of RP ka first floor ... zindagi bhar is bhatakti atma ko haunt karega kya!?
Love from an old friend,
(my name is hidden in the post)

18 September, 2006 21:15  
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