Monday, February 27, 2006

Democracy, Kgp ishtyle.

My name is Aithin Kaimeaystud. I am a student of the Department of Polytikal Engineering. I am from Poltupur, and I am contesting for the post of General Secretary Studpanti, Technology Students Gymkhana.

In a few weeks, the Gymkhana elections circus will get under way. Happas' chamchas will take a break from licking ass, and start building major castles in the air. Amateur non-events called hall days are organized, a few idiots doing the hard work and a few other assholes taking the credit. Soapboxes, intended to be the centrepiece of the clean elections image, degenerate into pointless mudslinging before mobs that made up their minds long ago. First years, the only ones without ulterior motives or fake loyalties, will be pestered with brotherly love and free funda to no end.

This is also the time for the most popular game in the Gymkhana calendar. Yes, it's an inter-hall. The game of inter-hall pacts.

Pacts is modelled on sumo wrestling, with one major twist. There are six contestants and seven prizes. Don't let this doesn't dampen your spirits however - some ringside action does take place, for greeds sake. Usually, however, action stops after one or two suckers get thrown out, and the rest of the contestants sit down on their fat asses and divide the prizes among themselves.

Borrowing from another form of wrestling, WWE, Pacts allows all the action to be carefully planned beforehand so that the spectators get an engaging show - but only a show.

An important manouver in inter-hall Pacts is the Snoop. The snoop is performed on your allies, not on opponents. Although illegal, the snoop is usually performed in full view of the referees (a.k.a. monitors), who either turn a blind eye or applaud the mastery of the snooper, rules be damned.

Welcome to Democracy, IIT Kgp style.